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15/10/2007 Article - Christopher Booker's notebook, Daily Telegraph
Storm of protest over turbines gathers force
"A Government inspector gave the go-ahead last month to 10 giant wind turbines at Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex, famous for its 7th-century Anglo-Saxon chapel, the oldest in Britain. .... Each 400ft turbine will be as high as Salisbury Cathedral, visible for miles. The scheme was opposed by almost everyone in the area, including Maldon council, whose head of planning, James Doe, said: 'Once built, the windfarm will change the historic landscape of the area for years to come, with historic landmarks such as St Peters Chapel irreparably harmed.'..." More..

30/08/2007 BBC News On-line, UK
Wind farms 'not in windy places'
"The government is paying hundreds of millions of pounds to subsidise wind farms that are not economically viable, it has been claimed...." More..

17/06/2007 Article, The Times
Commando lured to sea by Beatrice
"Britain's blustery shoreline is the ideal location for wind-based power generation and the career opportunities it brings. The UK is seen as the best market for offshore wind energy in the world because of the length of its coastline compared with the size of the country and population, and the strong winds around our shores. The sector has grown in just five years from the first two experimental turbines at Blyth harbour, Northumberland, to more than a dozen approved projects totalling more than 1,000 megawatts. Of these, three projects with a total capacity of 210 megawatts are already generating for the grid at North Hoyle, off the coast of north Wales, Scroby Sands, off the coast of Great Yarmouth and Kentish Flats off Whitstable in Kent. ..." More..

16/04/2007 Article, Daily Telegraph
The Davis' Story
"A family who live in the shadow of a wind farm in Lincolnshire say they have 'lost everything' just because of the noise it makes. ..." More..

13/04/2007 Letter, Daily Telegraph
Letter to Editor
"Sir - Noise from our local wind farm 1,000 yards away has destroyed our lives. The constant swish would just about be bearable, but the thumps and whacks are not. And then there's the hum. We would do anything to be able to live and sleep in our own home again, but sadly, as our home is no longer worth anything, we are trapped. To sleep at night, we drive five miles to a quiet house we have rented. .... Those of us unfortunate enough to live or work near these so-called friendly giants lose everything. ..." More..

17/12/2006 Article - Christopher Booker's notebook, Daily Telegraph
National grid will totter in the prevailing wind
"Various recent reports have highlighted one aspect of what, within a few years, will be the most serious crisis confronting this country. Few people realise just how precarious the supply of power upon which our society depends will become – even before 2014, by which time we will have closed down the nuclear and coal-fired power stations that now generate 47 per cent of our electricity. Two reports by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) spell out the extraordinary risk we run through our Government's obsessive desire to make us, within a few years, more than 15 per cent reliant on wind power. But their real import has generally been missed. It is shocking that it should be left to a small charity to reveal for the first time, using official Ofgen figures, the details of how much each of the 1,950 wind turbines in Britain actually generates...." More..

09/12/2006 Article, Daily Telegraph
Wind farms 'are failing to generate the predicted amount of electricity'
"The claimed benefits of wind energy are called into question today by a study that finds few wind farms in England and Wales produce as much electricity as the Government has forecast...."
"Despite millions being spent on wind turbines, the study by the Renewable Energy Foundation shows that England and Wales are not windy enough to allow large turbines to work at the rates claimed for them."
"The study shows that even wind farms in Cornwall on west-facing coasts, which might be expected to be the most efficient, operated at only 24.1 per cent of capacity on average."
"The report concludes that the most effective place to site the turbines is at sea near major cities where they can harness the greater power of off-shore winds without losing much of the electricity generated in transmission through the National Grid from remote areas such as the north of Scotland.
"John Constable, an adviser to the foundation, said: "All the Government's targets are based on wind farms running at 30 per cent of capacity. It is quite clear that if they are built anywhere on land south of the border, the targets will not be met."
"The foundation's report found some real "turkeys" in lowland England - some attached to the offices of high profile companies. Worst of all is the turbine close to the M25 at Kings Langley, Herts at the HQ of Renewable Energy Systems, the green energy division of Robert McAlpine group. This produces 7.7 per cent of the electricity it would if there was enough wind for it to run continuously at full power." More..

16/11/2006 Letters, Daily Mail
Ill wind that Blows no Good
"WHY the surprise that rooftop wind turbines are a waste of money? The blink rush for renewable sources of energy has proved that certain schemes are better than others. And some, like wind turbines, are hopeless. ..." More..

15/11/2006 Article, Daily Telegraph
Wrong problem, wrong solution
"It would take a windfarm the size of greater Manchester to match the output of one nuclear power station..." More..

14/07/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Council loses wind farm challenge
"A council which tried to prevent a wind farm being built in Banffshire has lost a legal challenge..." More..

14/07/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Turbine plans for county's farms
"Somerset County Council is looking into how many of its 74 farms could have wind turbines installed...." More..

11/07/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Nuclear power plants get go-ahead
"The go-ahead has been given for a new wave of UK nuclear power stations. Industry secretary Alistair Darling told MPs nuclear power needed to be part of the mix of energy supply for the UK over the next 40 years...." More..

07/07/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Wind farm application is rejected
"A windfarm planning application has been refused by Maldon District Council because of its impact on the scenery. Npower Renewables wanted to build ten turbines at Hockley Farm in Bradwell on Sea, Essex...." (this was for ten 121m turbines - same height as Wadlow Farm but fewer turbines) More..

23/06/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Wind farm 'hits eagle numbers'
"Wind farm turbine blades are killing a key population of Europe's largest bird of prey, UK wildlife campaigners warn...." More..

07/06/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Wind farm power station rejected
"Plans for an electricity substation in Kent to connect one of the world's biggest wind farms to the national grid have been turned down. Leader of Swale council, Andrew Bowles, said ..... 'This small rural community didn't ask for the wind farm and doesn't deserve to have its whole existence disrupted for several years'..." More..

10/05/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Council objects to wind farm plan
"Councillors have objected to plans for a wind farm in a neighbouring local authority area...." More..

09/05/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
First casualty of new wind policy
"A wind farm proposed for Caithness has become the first scheme to lose out to Highland Council's new guidelines on renewable energy...." More..

04/05/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Fresh call for wind farms inquiry
"An MP has repeated his call for a public inquiry into proposed wind farms in the Western Isles...." More..

04/05/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Opposition to wind farm proposals
"Opposition has been voiced at plans which could see a wind farm built on land bordering the Lake District National Park...." More..

03/05/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Objection to revised turbine plan
"Planners are recommending an objection be lodged to revised plans for 71 wind turbines in the Ae Forest...." More..

27/04/2006 BBC News On-line, UK
Lewis wind farm plans scaled back
"The company behind plans for a massive wind farm on Lewis is further reducing its size following concerns over the threat to birds...." More..

19/03/2006 Article, The Independent
'Enough is enough': wind farm builder threatens to quit UK
"One of the UK's largest wind farm developers has threatened to pull out of the country as a storm blows up over the Government's plans for renewable energy...." More..

11/03/2006, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Ministers hear wind farm concerns
"The impact of wind farms on the landscape of Northumberland is to be discussed by MPs at Westminster...." More..

06/03/2006, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Offshore turbines producing power
"The first electricity has been produced from a huge offshore wind farm development off the coast of Cumbria...." More..

05/03/2006 Editorial, Sunday Times
A Wind Farm Too Far
"The rejection last week of plans for a giant wind farm in Cumbria has provoked predictably angry reactions. A public inquiry had already turned down the proposed farm, consisting of 27 wind turbines, each 12ft higher than St Paul's Cathedral. The question was whether the government would endorse that rejection or force the plan through against local objections, led by luminaries such as Sir Chris Bonington and Lord Bragg...." More..

02/03/2006, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Giant wind farm plan thrown out
"Plans to create England's largest wind farm in Cumbria have been rejected by the government..." More..

02/03/2006, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Wind farm plans hit early trouble
"Plans to create two wind farms in East Yorkshire have run into problems at an early stage of their development...." More..

05/02/2006 Article, Sunday Times
Wind Farms Face 10-Year Delay For Grid Connection
"THE government's renewable energy policy is in chaos after hundreds of wind farm companies were told that they face delays of more than 10 years before they can sell any of the electricity that they produce. .... Green energy targets are under threat because the national grid is unable to cope with the large numbers of wind farms applying for connection. ..." More..

20/12/2005, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Wind firm criticised over claims
"The company behind a controversial proposed wind farm in west Devon has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). It ruled that Renewable Energy Systems (RES) had used misleading figures about its potential impact on global warming. ...." More..

NOTE: Renewable Energy Systems (RES) is the same company that is behind the proposed Wadlow Wind Farm. You can read the full ASA adjudication here.

18/10/2005, Independent
Britain 'needs more puff behind wind power drive'
Britain has slipped down the league of countries measured for their commitment to wind power, according to a report released... More..

19/04/2005, News & Star
4,000 objectors, 500 backers for Whinash inquiry
"A PUBLIC inquiry into a Cumbrian wind farm application has received 4,290 letters objecting to the plan and 520 backing it. The hearing started today." More..

19/04/2005, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Wind farm public inquiry begins
"A public inquiry into proposals to site one of England's largest wind farms in Cumbria has begun." More..

14/04/2005, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Turbine snap prompts safety fears
"Safety concerns have been raised after a turbine blade at Scotland's most powerful wind farm shattered." More..

13/04/2005, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Windfarms, energy and politics
By Caroline Wyatt, On the BBC election bus in Windermere. "Kyle Blue has brought me here to look at the impact of even a small wind farm on the stunning, craggy landscape of the fells." More..

06/04/2005, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Council rejects windfarm scheme
"Plans for a windfarm between the villages of Boxworth and Connington have been unanimously rejected by South Cambridgeshire District councillors." More..

06/04/2005, Doncaster Today On-line
Wind Farm Could Compromise Airport Safety
"AVIATION experts have warned that a proposed wind farm could prevent planes from flying in and out of Doncaster's new airport safely." More..

06/04/2005, BBC News On-line - London, England, UK
Greenpeace opposes wind farm plan
"The environmental campaign group, Greenpeace, is opposing a giant wind farm planned for the Western Isles." More..

04/04/2005, Telegraph On-line
St Paul's blocks coastal wind farm plans
"St Paul's Cathedral has pulled the plug on plans to build England's largest onshore wind farm on a remote stretch of coastal marshland." More..

03/03/2005, BBC News - London, England, UK
Poll shows wind farm opposition
"A majority of people on Lewis and North Harris are opposed to wind farm developments in the area, according to a poll commissioned by BBC Scotland." More..

27/2/2005, Scotland on Sunday
Experts show official wind power claims are hot air
"Controversal plans to build thousands of wind turbines across Scotland will make almost no difference to greenhouse gas levels, according to new research by leading environmental scientists." More..

05/01/2005, Hartlepool Mail On-line
Wind turbines shut down in safety alert
"Giant wind turbines have stopped operating after a safety alert. The huge 330ft structures across Hartlepool and east Durham are out of action while bosses investigate a fault on another similar North-East turbine." More..

22/11/2004, The Times On-line
Clean-coal technology could cut CO2 bill by £3 billion
"Britain could cut the cost of reducing greenhouse gases by £3 billion if it fitted clean-coal technology to its ageing power stations, rather than building wind farms." By Angela Jameson, Industrial Correspondent. More..

03/11/2004, BBC News Online - London, England, UK
Windfarm objectors pledge action
"Residents opposed to a new windfarm near Thorney, Cambs, say they will take their objections to the European Court of Human Rights." More..

27/10/2004, The Yorkshire Post - Letters to the Editor
Villages threatened by wind farm on greenbelt
"Here in Denby Dale we are living under threat. A 60m wind testing mast has appeared in the greenbelt close to the village. You remember greenbelt? It was supposed to provide a rural buffer zone between towns and villages, free of industrial development, a place of peace and tranquillity for residents and visitors alike." From: Lynda Lawrence, Lower Clough House Farm, Denby Dale. More..

21/10/2004, BBC News Online - London, England, UK
Plans for large-scale wind farm
"Plans to build a large wind farm in Northumberland have been unveiled. Company Your Energy wants to put up 14 wind turbines, each above 110 metres high, at Allerdean, south of Berwick." More..

12/10/2004, BBC News Online - London, England, UK
Wind farm inquiry hears evidence
"Plans for what has been described as the largest wind turbine power station in lowland England are being considered by a government planning inspector." More..

05/10/2004, The Times
Wind farms 'grounded by air safety fears'
"Nearly half of all wind farm applications are rejected on civil aviation air safety grounds, raising fears that the Government will fail to meet targets for a significant increase in renewable energy." By Helen Nugent. More..

13/09/2004, Peterborough City Council website
Wind Farm Decision Date Set
"Peterborough City Council's Planning and Environmental Protection Committee are due to meet on Monday, 20 September, at 1.30pm, to determine the current planning application for the erection of seven 100m high wind turbines on land at Wryde Croft, Thorney, Peterborough." More..

08/08/2004, The Daily Telegraph
Prince Charles: wind farms are horrendous
"The Prince of Wales believes that wind farms are a 'horrendous blot on the landscape' and that their spread must be halted before they irreparably ruin some of Britain's most beautiful countryside." More..

27/07/2004, LOOT
LOOT is proud to announce a further victory in Lincolnshire against wind turbine developers. The residents group of Nocton Fen (Near Lincoln) and supported by LOOT successfully defeated an application by Renewable Energy Systems to site a wind Mast at Nocton Fen when it came before North Kesteven District Council's joint planning committee this afternoon.(July 13th)" More..

16/07/2004, The Courier (Perthshire & Fife)
Turbine plans cause anger
"Anti-windfarm campaigners have expressed their anger after plans were released to build 30 wind turbines on the Ochils - with some standing at nearly 100m tall." More..

16/07/2004, The Daily Telegraph
WIND farm claims are so much hot air
"... come from wind turbines. To ensure that this happens, electricity suppliers are being forced by law to buy a rising proportion of their power from wind farms..." By Niall Ferguson More..

15/07/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"The Renewable Energy Foundation today sets out its campaigning agenda by calling for an 'overall energy policy that is balanced, ecologically sensitive and effective'." More..

15/06/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"A new national campaign group today takes up the cause of scattered windfarm protesters as it calls for a radical overhaul of Britain's energy strategy. The Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) will be led by the businessman and broadcaster Noel Edmonds, who ignited a fierce debate about wind power with a series of articles in the Western Morning News last November." More..

15/06/2004, Renewable Energy Foundation
"The Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), which launched today, has called for an immediate cross-party review of UK energy policy. The mission of the organisation is to 'encourage the development of renewable energy and energy conservation whilst safeguarding the landscapes of the United Kingdom from unsustainable industrialisation. In pursuit of this goal, REF highlights the need for an overall energy policy that is balanced, ecologically sensitive and effective'. The REF Brief can be downloaded here also." More..

13/07/2004, Geo Community
'Climatologist Exposes Cracks In Global Warming Foundation'
"A new report from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) exposes serious problems with the historical climate trends reconstruction published by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -- the primary evidence used by policy makers and activists who espouse the theory that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming." More..

12/07/2004, Stornoway Gazette
"Murdo Morrison's letter to the Stornoway Gazette this week on the proposed Wind Power Station developments on Lewis. Seldom better put than this." Published here with the author's kind permission. More..

12/07/2004, The Moscow Times
'Illarionov Attacks Britain, Vows to Bury Kyoto'
"President Vladimir Putin's personal adviser on all things economic last week accused British Prime Minister Tony Blair's government of declaring "all-out and total war on Russia" force it to ratify the Kyoto Protocol." More..

12/07/2004, The Scotman
SNP warns of millions lost to electricity projects'
"Shortly after reading the report on renewable energy by the enterprise committee of the Scottish Parliament, I happened to bump into a leading figure in Scotland’s wave-power industry. Our shared understanding was that the small unit built into the rock-face at Portnahabhainn on Islay is probably still the only grid-connected wave-powered generating station in the world." By Brian Wilson More..

11/07/2004, The Sunday Times
Wind farms whip up division in Whitehall
"A leading government scientist has criticised the wind farms..." More..

09/07/2004, The Daily Mail
Global Warming? What a load of poppycock!
"Whatever the experts say about the howling gales, thunder and lightning we've had over the past two days, of one thing we can be certain. Someone, somewhere - and there is every chance it will be a politician or an environmentalist - will blame the weather on global warming." By Professor David Bellamy More..

05/07/2004, The Guardian
'Storm of protest over planned windfarm'
"Up to 400 people protested yesterday against plans for one of the biggest windfarms and some of the tallest turbines ever planned for England, staging walks to show how the scheme will blight views from two national parks." More..

03/07/2004, Western Morning News
"Your Energy has just been rapped over the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority." More..

02/07/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"The Government's obsession with windfarms may be hindering the development of other forms of renewable energy, a report warns. The Scottish Parliament's enterprise committee suggested that the Government's "dash for wind" had led to other forms of renewable energy, such as tidal power and biomass, being ignored." More..

01/07/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"An overwhelming percentage of Journal readers are so far against the proposed wind farm development at Fullabrook Down - but there's still a week to go. The results of our phone poll on the controversial plans so far reveals that a staggering 81% of readers do not want the proposed development to go ahead." More..

01/07/2004, The Courier (Perthshire & Fife)
MSPs blast proposed forest of wind farms
"Plans to build a forest of giant wind turbines across Scotland to meet ambitious green energy targets were blasted by a cross-party committee of MSPs yesterday." More..

30/06/2004, Selby Today
"Community Against Rusholme Turbines (CART) spokesman Neil Cranswick said: 'Wind power developers go to great lengths to convince local residents a prospective site will not cause any problems. What they do not make clear is the realities of living with turbines as neighbours and the effect they have on both the local environment and local residents' lives." More..

28/06/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
'Landowner withdraws from windfarm project'
"Plans for a major windfarm in Cornwall have been put on hold after a landowner pulled out of the project in the face of local opposition." More..

28/06/2004, Perthshire Advertiser
'Protesters raise their voices'
"Protest groups have slated Perth and Kinross Council 'plans on windfarms' claiming they didn't get a fair hearing." More..

25/06/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"Opponents of a controversial windfarm plan have launched a High Court bid to derail the development." More..

24/06/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is under pressure to pledge that plans to build the biggest wind turbines ever seen in the West Country will be 'tested' at a public inquiry before they are approved." More..

24/06/2004, West Cumberland Times & Star
"The beauty spot and tourist attraction of Allonby has been targeted for 16 wind turbines. There is already outrage at the plan by Dutch company Nuon..." More..

24/06/2004, Western Morning News and This Is Devon
"The fight against a recently-approved windfarm has been taken to Europe after residents living near the proposed site claimed their human rights had been affected." More..

10/01/2004, The Times
'Wind farms ruin peace, says Judge'
"...District Judge Michael Buckley said that the noise, visual intrusion and flickering of light through the blades of turbines reduced the value of a house by a fifth..." More..

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