Sinister Developments

In the early hours of Monday July 12th, under cover of darkness, a van crewed by at least two men coasted silently through West Wratting. The men stole every single 'Stop Wadlow Wind Farm' sign they could find, trespassing on private property and causing criminal damage in the process. Ripping down signs at the bottom of the High Street, they were eventually heard and challenged - and promptly roared off down Six Mile Bottom Road in the direction of the proposed windfarm. Most victims of this deliberate attempt to intimidate the village reported it to the police, who are definitely not treating it as a piece of mindless vandalism.

Sadly, this wasn't the first unprovoked attack on decent citizens exercising their democratic right to express opposition to an unreasonable planning application. In the early hours of Saturday 1st July unknown assailants trespassed onto private property with the specific intent to smash the windows on a car belonging to a member of the Stop Wadlow Wind Farm campaign. To make the message crystal clear, another Stop Wadlow Wind Farm board was torn down and shoved through the shattered windows as a calling card. Other cars on the drive were left untouched.

Read what the Cambridge Evening News had to say about this.

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