On this page you can find documents pertaining to the planning process, specific presentations, government documents, etc. relating to the building of wind farms.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors survey revealing the negative effect of wind farms on property prices. Sept 2004. Click here (PDF)

Paper written by Professor David Simpson for The David Hume Institute. April 2004. We draw your attention to pages 63-66 - 'Key Messages and Recommendations.' Click here (PDF) (external link)

Presentation by David Brierely a resident of South West Cumbria and a Wind Farm sufferer. This must be read by all, that includes both those in favour and those against the Wadlow Wind Farm. Click here (external link)

Casella report for DEFRA on Low Frequency noise. Click here (PDF)

G.P. van den Berg, 'Effects of the wind profile at night on wind turbine sound', Journal of Sound and Vibration. Extremely important and rigorously technical article in an industry standard journal on the underestimation of sound problems in developer reports. Click here (PDF) (external link)

Incoteco (Denmark) Aps The practicalities of Developing Renewable Energy in the UK - in the light of Danish Experience. A very interesting and enlightening document. Click here (PDF) (external link)

Article by Dr John Etherington entitled "Wind power subsidy in the UK". Explains aspects of the financing of wind farms and government subsidies in the UK. Click here (external link)

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Planning Policy Statement 22 (PPS22): Renewable Energy Click here (PDF) (external link)

"The Planning Process". A link to a page on the site (a pro wind energy site) which explains the planning process with regard to wind farm applications, in a readable and understandable manner. Click here (external link)

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