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'Stop Wadlow Wind Farm' (SWWF) is an action group of local residents, formed in January 2006, who oppose 'Renewable Energy System's' plans to build a wind farm, consisting of 13 (120 metre high) wind turbines, on land at Wadlow Farm in South Cambridgeshire. This is near the A11, sited in close proximity to the villages of Balsham, West Wratting, Six Mile Bottom, Great Wilbraham and Fulbourn. Parts of Balsham will be less than 1.5km from the closest turbines, and parts of West Wratting and Six Mile Bottom are less than 2km.

Why Do We Oppose Wadlow Wind Farm?

There are many reasons why. Click here to find out.

Pro Wind Energy

  • SWWF are supportive of the role of wind energy in developing more sustainable sources of energy and in reducing CO2 emissions.
  • SWWF supports offshore wind farms because, they:
    - are more efficient, larger turbines can be built in greater numbers;
    - take advantage of the stronger and consistent offshore winds;
    - avoid the negative impact of onshore wind farms on people and the surrounding countryside
  • SWWF opposes onshore wind farms because:
    - they generate relatively small amounts of power;
    - they create noise and hence health issues amongst local residents;
    - they impact intrusively onto the local landscape;
    - they have no significant economic benefit to the local economy;
    - the reduction in CO2 emissions is completely outweighed by the negative impacts they have on local people and countryside;
    - the rapid increase in planning applications for onshore wind farms is being driven by the profit motive of the developers

So What Do We Do?

SWWF will actively campaign to ensure this planning application is rejected by:

  • Mobilising local support, by ensuring that all residents are aware of the issues impacting on them by holding public meetings and leaflet distribution in the villages.
  • Employing independent specialists in the areas of sound and landscape impact to obtain accurate data and expertise.
  • Seeking the support of local businesses.
  • Undertaking comprehensive research of all relevant issues.
  • Producing an exhaustive, authoritative rebuttal of the planning application.

What Can You Do?

  • Join SWWF - please click here for details. It costs nothing to join and all you need to do is fill in our form online, print and sign it and then send it to us.
  • Take the time to read the information on our site.
  • Visit The Energy Savings Trust website and learn how we can all make day to day changes to save energy and cut CO2 emissions.

Stop Wadlow Wind Farm

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